on Michigan Criminal Law and Police Procedure 2016

This book has been used for over 32 years in training academies, police agencies and educational institutions. It has grown from 128 pages in 1983 to over 435 pages citing numerous statutes and over 500 appellate cases from the United States Supreme Court, the Michigan Supreme Court and cases from both the federal Court of Appeals and Michigan’s Court of Appeals. It is used by police academies, police departments, colleges, and by legal practitioners.



on Search and Seizure 2018

Steffel on Search and Seizure is the "single familiar standard is essential to guide police officer, who have only limited time and expertise to reflect on and balance the social and individual interest involved in the specific circumstances they confront."

On many occasions since Jeff Steffel came to the School of Criminal Justice in the fall of 2001, we have had many informal discussions on various subjects. I have been very impressed with his desire to become a better teacher by engaging his peers in discussions of different teaching techniques they use in the classroom. He is willing to try different ways to present course materials and has a genuine enthusiasm for teaching. On many occasions I have seen his students in his office discussing their classes and calling upon his expertise to enhance their understanding of the course material. Steffel's law degree and twenty five years of experience in the Michigan Department of State Police provides a strong educational and practical base for teaching criminal justice and law related classes with the SCJ. He is well respected within the criminal justice community and is often called upon by judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement administrators for advice in the area of criminal law and procedure. He is an asset to the School of Criminal Justice and will no doubt continue to be an effective teacher for future criminal justice students.
-Dr Frank Hughes, School of Criminal Justice
Professor Steffel does not just expect students to learn facts and solve given problems but to organize information in new ways and formulate problems for themselves. He is mindful of Bloom’s taxonomy of learning. One of the areas that is most remarkable about Professor Steffel is his ties to the professional community. His work in the field as well as his applied scholarship (training and consulting) has made him an incredible presence in our department. Professor Steffel does not let his scholarship remain in the referred journals; he delivers it to his students and colleagues… In summary, Professor Steffel has the professional and personal characteristics that make him an excellent professor at Grand Valley State University.
-Dr. Kathleen A. Bailey, School of Criminal Justice
Your research, as presented in your PowerPoint presentation, was appropriate to the needs of our participants and the evaluations revealed that you were the top rated speaker for the session. It is this type of training that we strive for at the Judicial Institute. Your fine performance was no surprise to me as your writings in your well-received Michigan Search and Seizure book and the Michigan Criminal Law and Police Procedure book caused me to expect as much.
-Clifford W. Taylor, Chief Justice, Michigan Supreme Court